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For anyone whos been ditched for WoW [entries|friends|calendar]
Loved Ones Against World of Warcraft

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October 23, 2006

i constantly have the urge to dump my boyfriend because i hate WoW so much.

Am I a total psycho?

He plays it on select weeknights. These nights he has 'off' from me, 99% of the time, will be him choosing to play warcraft.
If he's not in the game, he'll read the forums.
I recently discovered he DOES go into the game EVERY DAY to "do stuff" and "get stuff he wants" or to "help out".

Initially we agreed Mondays and Tursdays are the days he can choose to play warcraft but now he's taken Saturdays too. He'll play it Saturday then see me in the evening whilst i am in DBT which is an intensive difficult type of therapy. It was hard enough and now he decides to 'steal' another warcraft day. sigh.

I just hate it. I have issues i know that. But i am actually jealous of this game as if it were another woman. hell, it HAS other women in it he is 'friends' with.

Tonight I felt i needed/wanted comfort from him. but i was unable to have my needs met. because he wanted to play.

i just don't know where i stand, where DOES one draw the line?

on top of the jealousy i think i should mention the fear. it's obvious to me warcraft IS addicting, is designed that way, and entices people into playing. i see my boyfriend push my boundaries i have about this game (eg the days he plays, and i told him not to look at the forums while he is with me...and he is doing that lately) and go towards being sucked in. i don't know if people even realise theyre getting addicted.
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July 21, 2006
[ mood | busy ]

Announcement #1

Would anyone like to make a user icon for this community?

Banners would be nice, too!

I kinda want to get this community going.

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July 21, 2006

Does anyone read LJsecret?

I've been seeing alot of Anti-WoW secrets lately.

I always forget to save them. 
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June 13, 2006
Wow, I totally forgot I made this thing. Well, hi to my two other members!!

I guess I'll share a story of mine.

My ex boyfriend loved WoW. Like really. But this is a time for a story about another video game.

My ex, lets call him "Stupid", came over my house afterschool one day and my mom so kindly informed me that I must go to my grandmothers that afternoon. I asked me boyfriend if he would go with me. However, he declined. His excuse? He had to go to EB Games that night so he can buy some game because he promised his friend that he would be online playing it that night. So my mom had to drive him home (the other side of town) after spending a few minutes at my house because he would rather play video games than to help me out.

Great, right?
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